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Christmas 2015: Learning to waste time with God (0.4 Mb)

We don’t have time. No time to rest, no time to play with our children, no time to relax. There is always something to do, we all have too many responsibilities and we all feel guilty about saying no...at least almost all of us! So, if I invited you to waste some time, what would you say? In the GBUC we want to specialize in wasting our time...in the presence of God.

Ruben Nicolas

Autumn 2015: God is at work (0.7 Mb)

What a privilege! What a privilege indeed to be where I am in ministry. Since starting as General Secretary in March, I have seen God at work in our movement in incredible ways.

Ruben Nicolas

Summer 2015 (0.4 Mb)

Editorial: Faithfulness
Their Vision has shaped our Movement
The World is asking: Is Religious Faith a Weapon of Mass Destruction?
Interview: When a Class collides with your Vallues

Christmas 2014 (0.6 Mb)

An Interview with Ruben Nicolas, GBUC's new General Secretary.

Summer 2014 (0.5 Mb)

Editorial: Perseverance
Intersecting portraits: God is working wonders
Thank you, Marc Debanné: "You brought light to my life"
The Church of Jesus Christ: Local and Universal
Winter Camp 2014: Is there Life before Death?

Autumn 2013 (0.5 Mb)

Called to bear fruit... in a hard contexte... with thankfullness and perseverance.

Nothing is impossible with God: a testimony of Christelle

December 2012 (1.9 Mb)

"Daniels" in Québec today: an example at Rouyn-Noranda

"Daniels" in the rest of the World: presentation of Shining like Stars.

Summer 2012 (0.6 Mb)

Once upon a voice
Gospel text comes alive with Richard Ouellette
Conference: if God is good, why does suffering exists?
Problems with authority
Camp: let's talk about sex...
Graduates: is there life after studies?

Winter 2011 (0.6 Mb)

Man questions, God replies

  • the sadness after the loss of Eric Wingender
  • an encouragement to keep our eyes fixed on God, incarnated in a fragile baby boy who would nevertheless be the Savior of the world.